Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One time, reading through Ezekiel, I got to the last part and bogged down. I decided to draw a diagram of the Temple as I read the description of it to help me pay attention and understand what I was reading. That proved to be beyond my meager capabilities, but did draw the east gate (the gates were identical) on a vector-based drawing program in Windows 98 (Micrographics Draw). Here are the results; hopefully you will find them helpful.

The view is from above. You might go back and read the text as you look at it to fully understand it. There are several versions of the drawing to flesh it out.

Location: Eze 40-48 (no physical location actualized that I know of)

The East Gateway (from above, plain)

The East Gateway (from above with labels)

The East Gateway (from above with measurements)